Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tool Review

One of the most important purchases a paper crafter can make is their cutter/trimmer. I have tried 3 different ones and up until recently used my trimmer by Cricut. It has a pull out ruler so you can measure 12x12 pp on it. Makes great cuts but over time, I have used it for 5 years, the cuts are not always straight anymore. The problem I have found is the blade scores in a plastic grove and over time this grove gets cut up and is no longer straight so the blade doesn't run straight anymore. So the hunt was on for a new trimmer/cutter. Now in that 5 year span I have also purchase as 12x12 trimmer by Fiskers as well as several smaller trimmer for pictures again one is Fiskers and one is Wescott. All of them are OK but not what I was looking for. Then one day as I am searching and researching cutters I receive an email from and it is for the Cartridge Cutter by American Crafts.
OOOHHHH this was just what I was looking for but of course the big issue was shipping. How much was it going to cost me to order this at 50% off and the shipping fees. Well the first time this deal was sent out I passed it by. I started to look around at the stores here to do a price comparison. Well, let me tell you it was cheaper to order it online. So now to wait until they offered it again which they did at the end of Sept. so order it I did. Then the wait began for it to arrive, 14 days later it was here and it was the first package I have had customs open to inspect. I have been receiving packages from the states for the last 5 years and this was the first one. No biggie really as I understand the need for them to check to make sure it is not something sinister LOL.

It is quite large, the surface is 8x14 maybe a little larger then that and the pull out ruler to measure larger pp goes up to 15". Very steady so will not more on you, I have used it on a verity of surfaces and no movement at all. The cutting guide flips to the side and again holds that pp well. It comes with 3 blades, a straight cutting blade, scoring blade and a decorative wavy blade with room to store 3 more blades on the cutter. The nicest part is that the blades are in a cartridge so are safe to handle. They are easy to pop in and out. The blades pop in to the cutter under the area that you push on and glade to cut the pp. The cuts are nice and straight and no pp tears as of yet :D . Now the one disadvantage I have found is that it is not a sit at your desk and cut your pp cutter. If you do not keep a continuous downward pressure on the cutter handle it will not cut your pp all the way through. Also when you use the extended ruler you are missing cut marks/points so you guess a little. Meaning on the main board it ends at 6 and when you open the ruler it starts again at 8 so you are missing all those marks in between. Not a huge deal as those are unusual sizes to make cuts at.

Over all I would recommend this cutter and that it is worth the price. I have not pulled out my Cricut trimmer since this one has arrived which tells me I have found the perfect one for me. I hope this helps out some of you as you look at the different cutters out there and would like a non partial opinion.

Happy Crafting and God Bless.

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