Saturday, October 22, 2011

OMGosh What I am thinking!?!?

Right so its that time of year again, you know when all the scrapbooking companies put out their Design Team calls for the coming year. Last year time ran out for me to try and summit something so this year I have already started. I am going to enter to and see what happens, in reality I only want to be on one DT but the likely hood of getting selected is low. I still see myself as a beginner, learner and I question myself all the time. Sometimes it can take days to come up with an idea or put together some paper for a item in a swap like a tag. Other times like this evening an idea comes to mind completely done and I just have to figure out how to make it look like the image in my mind. Well I almost have my first attempt at a somewhat original project done. Once it is completed I will take some pictures(sorry cant share it here yet) and send it to a friend who is on a couple of DTs to critic it for me. Then back to the drawing board if necessary or just tweak it a little. Then I need to sit down and fill out an online application and send it in with the pics of my project and cross my fingers LOL. Once that is done I will take a little breather and start on a second project for the next part of the competition just in case I make it past the first round picks. Now that is for one of the DT jobs I would like, after that I need to get out all my Imaginisce products and design something for them and submit it. That one seems to be less stressful to do but both will be stressful wondering if I am good enough. Once the projects get pass the selection process and I am given permission I will post pics and tell you how to make the projects.
Good luck to all those that are trying out and I know that in the end it will be a plus either way because in the end it will be a great learning experience.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Looking back at my blog tonight I noticed that I had not talked about my new favourite toy, I mean tool. For the first half of this year I started to purchase Spellbinders dies, Nestiblities, and other such products, with the intention of buying a Grand Calibur to replace my Cuttlebug. Of course my favourite place to buy Spellbinder products is at , they have excellent prices and the shipping into Canada is very reasonable. Well as I purchased their dies I kept putting off the BIG purchase of the Calibur. I belong to and belong to a Queen of the Month swap, one month the Queen picked wanted a Cuttlebug so I packaged mine up and sent it to her, one of the other ladies in the swap purchased new plates for her and then we, as a group, got her several embossing folders and dies for it. Now I was without a diecut machine, that is other then my Cricut, which hardly gets used. I did this to force myself to purchase the Grand Calibur, which I did 2 months later! I LOVE it.

The cuts are much crisper, details more intricate and I can cut a bunch of things at a time. It is very sturdy and I love the colour. Now all I have to purchase other then more dies is a Raspberry plate, which is an adaptor plate for my Cuttlebug embossing folders. This is one tool I will recommend to my scrapbook and paper crafting friends to purchase. It is completely worth the price and will be in my travel bag for crops that I will be attending. Also within the first month I had a little issue with it and contacted Spellbinders about it. They contacted UPS to come and pick it up, fixed it and sent it back at no charge to me. They were wonderful about making sure that as a customer I was satisfied with their product and provide some of the best customer service I have ever had with a defective product. I can honestly say that about them as I work in a customer service related job and deal with product return and dissatisfied customers for one reason or another. It tends to be my job to find a way to make them happy and address their concerns. So again I will say this, Spellbinders is one incredible company in both their product and in their customer service! The Grand Calibur is a must buy ladies, you will not be disappointed. I give it a 10/10!