Thursday, October 28, 2010


Can you say WOW....I went to the mailbox this morning and there was a package in it from a secret pal from Texas. I love to do swaps and this is a Secret Card Swap Pal that I do every month. Each month we are given a different name and survey of their wishes plus 2 cards that they would like in their package. So this month Rubys had my name(I only found this out when I opened the package), she sent me 4 rolls of ribbon fall and Halloween colours, a package of Mulberry flowers, a beaded bookmark some lace, two amazing homemade cards and the most important thing an i-ROCK tool. I am so excited to have this tool and cant wait to try it out. She also include some metallic rhinestones for it so that I can start creating right away. Ever since I saw this tool in youtube I knew I had to have it. The last time that happened was 3 years ago when I got my cricut and cuttle bug, love them!! Now all I have to do is go and buy some batteries and I am set to create. It takes 3 AA batteries so will pick them up tonight. I will then start making something I don't know what yet but have some swaps due so might work on those items and see how this works. I will post pics and my thoughts on this tool/toy tomorrow to let you all know if you HAVE to have one LOL.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

incredible Prima giveaway

Ok I had to share this with you... I LOVE Prima embellishments and they are having an amazing give away. Will definitely be following this blog from now on. So check it out.

Current Scrap area

Currently I have an area in my master bedroom to store and do all my scrap booking. In the New Year I will be moving it all into a small bedroom/office once Cara is one and sharing a bedroom with her 2 year old sister. Here are a couple of pictures of how it looks right now. When I redo my room I will post new pictures.
 This is much fuller now then when the picture was original taken. Top shelves hold nothing but DCWV cs stacks lol I am addicted to them. The bottom drawers hold clear stamps and tools, in the middle are my chalks, stamp pads, the other drawers hold cards and card making supplies.
 These containers are organized by category, I have added more containers organized by colour.
 This is an old shoe organizer from a store. It holds my embellishments sorted by colour and type.
My computer center. Holds alot of projects that friends have made for me. It helps to inspire me to be more creative.
 This unit holds all my cross stitching supplies.
 This is my desk and design area. A little messy but that is how I work. I need everything out and around me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cross stitch pins

 Bead and cross stitch kit from Mill Hill. About 1 day to complete. All these kits are made on perforated paper and come with everything needed to complete. All kits are from Mill Hill Beads.
 This is one I designed myself. the flowers and leaves are beads, gold thread around the heart and then a little blue/green cross stitch in the middle. About 1 day to complete.
 Cross stitch and beaded bee. The wings have a second layer to them. It is a bead loop and has about 14 beads per loop. 1 day to complete.
 Love this one it is stitched on a silver perforated paper and all the beads are a metallic colour. 1 day to complete. I cant wait to use this on a LO.
 Little sorcerer cat the little star was stitched separately then stitched onto the main piece. 1 day to complete.
 This star is two separate pieces that are then stitched together. the beaded strands have charms on the bottom really hard to see in this picture. 1 day to complete.
The wings for the angel are 2 separate pieces that are then stitched onto the back. the bottom of the dress is a series of bead loops and the harp is made of bangle beads with a gold charm at the bottom. 1 day to complete.

This little cat witch is holding a pumpkin and has a bat charm on her hat. 1 day to complete.

This cute little bat is wearing a purple vest and holding a gold star charm. 1 day to complete.

Cross stitched train to be used in my son's album.
 Christmas tags. Cross stitched and then the name is done using a black sharpe
 Christmas tag.
This is made on plastic canvas. It is for the front of an album I am making for my grandmother in British Columbia that will have pictures of my kids and our family. There will be blank pages so she might add pictures over the years that I send to her.

Paper Bag Album Finally

This is my first attempt at a paper bag album. I won the Rak for this on Martica's blog. In the Rak was everything needed to make and complete this album. I added a few embellishments and CS of my own. The over all colours provided were black, red and cream. I think most of the CS is from DCWV  Le Creme Stack. I love black glitter pp she included would loved to have more. The flowers were from the Rak I added Diamond stickles to the petals, the ribbon is velvet with a silver heart slider, and a white butterfly plus the black lace all from the Rak. I added the red bling flourish from my own stash. I chose to boarder every page in xmas red stickles to tie all the pages together with on element that was the same through out. I love this cover I made never thought I could take so many different elements and come up with such an elegant design.

This page has two different pp used and then a red sparkly ribbon down the seam were I joined the two papers. The flap folds so that you can see the whole other page. This was a little difficult to do but not sure how else I could of decorated it.
 On this page I added the red rhinestones to the flowers again from my stash. You can just see the ribbon tabs that are on the large tags in side the different pockets of the album.
 On this page I made a small pocket and tag. the red rhinestone flourish, flowers and brads are from my own stash everything else Martica provided. the pattern paper is flocked and I loved the pattern.
 Here is a page with nothing but the flocked paper and some ribbon. First I put down a black sheer ribbon then layered the red lace over top. Next I added the white flower brads all this was in the Rak. I added red stickles to the center of the brads and added diamond stickles to the petals of the brad flowers.
 The red paper is from my stash and is in the center of the album. I wanted it to be bold and eye catching. I use the last of the black glitter paper on the fold and again added red sparkly ribbon to cover the seams.
 This die cut is, I think, made of felt. I found it really set off the red paper nicely.
 Here I made a pocket page and tab. I edged the pp in a silver ribbon that had beads hanging down that had flowers attached to the bottom. I then added the red beaded string on top of that. On the red cs I tried to make a flourish with the beaded string but it did not come out well. Everything but the red cs was included in the Rak.
 On this page I again made a pocket except going diagonal. The striped cs, red cs and rhinestones were from my own stash. I used the last of the lace to boarder the top of the tag, the butterfly added stickles to the voids in the wings. I love all the ribbon I used here. I would have to say this is one of my all time favourite pages
This is the back of my album. The only thing here from my stash is the red cs. Again I added stickles to the rose petals. The black shear ribbon has sparkles on it. I enjoyed stretching my talent making this album and I would never have tried one if I had not won Martica's blog Rak. A huge thank you goes out to her for all the inspiration she provides me and for the chance with this and with swaps she has hostess for me to use and try things I would never of thought of myself. I will definitely be trying to make one of these again and hopefully with more creativity then I used here. It was a great stepping stone and learning experience.

WOW nice blog candy

I will try again latter to post pictures having some issues with the loader on this site right now. Until then check out this blog and the wonderful chance to win some Copic markers.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An other Gypsy give away.

I dont know about you but I want one of these tools. It would be the coolest addition to my crafting and would help me to get to a whole new level of creativity. Check out the link and enter to win!!

DCWV Giveaway

Well you know how I am about DCWV so I just had to share this chance for you to win some great new product from them. Check it out.

I will be posting more of my creations later today and this week. It has been a very busy week here so have not had much time to upload my pics. Thanks for following.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Gyspy Giveaway

If you want to win a gyspy then check out Pinky's blog. She does some amazing work and she is on the DT for the Cricut Magazine. In honor of that they have given her another Gyspy to give away! Here is the link.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recycle can

This is the original colour of the little trash can I picked up at The Dollar Store. What an ugly colour of orangy red. But I did not pick it up for the colour I saw its potential and what it could become.
First I painted it a beautiful shade of purple. It took 3 coats of paint to hide the orangey red that it started off as. Once it was dried I added a clear rhinestone flourish to the lid with a purple flower to hid the awful detail it had on top. The flower has purple rhinestones and glitter on the petals and in the center, again a dollar store find.

Next I painted the entire body of the can, again 3 coats. I added cs which is from DCWV The Home Stack. I am sad because I am almost out of this particular cs pattern and I really like it. Along the top of the cs I added a silver ribbon and a brad with a purple sparkle flower on it. At the end of the ribbon I noticed a flaw in the paint so added the white ribbon flower that matches the purple one. It has clear rhinestones on the petals and glitter too. Added a Rhinestone flourish and then the word "recycle" in Thickers. This can sits on my desk were I make may projects and all the little scraps of pp and cs that I can use go in here so that later it can go into the recycling boxes outside.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tin Challenge

 Here is the small tin I picked up at Michaels. Scrap, Laugh, Love challenge for October was to alter/decorate any tin. I have been working on different containers for my desk to hold some of my embellishments in. At the time I thought I would make this into a pen holder
This is the top of the lid. I used cs from DCWV At Home stack that was exclusive to Micheals. The cs is blue with a purple motif, some of the blue has sparkles in the paper. The bling swirl is made up of purple, lavender and clear rhinestones, the flower is sliver. I boarded the top in Purple stickles to help seal the edge of the cs to the silver ribbon I used on the edge of the tin top.
 First I added the cream lace to the top of the tin then covered it in silver ribbon. I next used Purple stickles to seal the ribbon to both the lace boarder and the cs top.
 On the body of the tin I covered it in the same cs as the top and applied a matching bling flourish also added the same flower as well. The lettering is Thickers and reads "lace" on the other side of the word is a butterfly in purple and green.
Once I finished the tin I choose to use it to store my bits and pieces of lace in it. It will match nicely with my "recycle" container and my address/birthday box.