Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cross stitch pins

 Bead and cross stitch kit from Mill Hill. About 1 day to complete. All these kits are made on perforated paper and come with everything needed to complete. All kits are from Mill Hill Beads.
 This is one I designed myself. the flowers and leaves are beads, gold thread around the heart and then a little blue/green cross stitch in the middle. About 1 day to complete.
 Cross stitch and beaded bee. The wings have a second layer to them. It is a bead loop and has about 14 beads per loop. 1 day to complete.
 Love this one it is stitched on a silver perforated paper and all the beads are a metallic colour. 1 day to complete. I cant wait to use this on a LO.
 Little sorcerer cat the little star was stitched separately then stitched onto the main piece. 1 day to complete.
 This star is two separate pieces that are then stitched together. the beaded strands have charms on the bottom really hard to see in this picture. 1 day to complete.
The wings for the angel are 2 separate pieces that are then stitched onto the back. the bottom of the dress is a series of bead loops and the harp is made of bangle beads with a gold charm at the bottom. 1 day to complete.

This little cat witch is holding a pumpkin and has a bat charm on her hat. 1 day to complete.

This cute little bat is wearing a purple vest and holding a gold star charm. 1 day to complete.

Cross stitched train to be used in my son's album.
 Christmas tags. Cross stitched and then the name is done using a black sharpe
 Christmas tag.
This is made on plastic canvas. It is for the front of an album I am making for my grandmother in British Columbia that will have pictures of my kids and our family. There will be blank pages so she might add pictures over the years that I send to her.


  1. I'd like to find that beaded bee and flower pin, any idea where to find it? Tried to contact Mill Hill but they said they don't have it anymore.

  2. I have the pattern still which lists floss and bead colours. If you are interested I can copy it and sent it too you.