Thursday, October 28, 2010


Can you say WOW....I went to the mailbox this morning and there was a package in it from a secret pal from Texas. I love to do swaps and this is a Secret Card Swap Pal that I do every month. Each month we are given a different name and survey of their wishes plus 2 cards that they would like in their package. So this month Rubys had my name(I only found this out when I opened the package), she sent me 4 rolls of ribbon fall and Halloween colours, a package of Mulberry flowers, a beaded bookmark some lace, two amazing homemade cards and the most important thing an i-ROCK tool. I am so excited to have this tool and cant wait to try it out. She also include some metallic rhinestones for it so that I can start creating right away. Ever since I saw this tool in youtube I knew I had to have it. The last time that happened was 3 years ago when I got my cricut and cuttle bug, love them!! Now all I have to do is go and buy some batteries and I am set to create. It takes 3 AA batteries so will pick them up tonight. I will then start making something I don't know what yet but have some swaps due so might work on those items and see how this works. I will post pics and my thoughts on this tool/toy tomorrow to let you all know if you HAVE to have one LOL.

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  1. What a wonderful surprise!!! That's so exciting. You are going to LOVE it!!!