Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Should I or shouldn't I

Imaginisce is having a Design Team Call and so is Scrap, Laugh, Love. OK so I am thinking I might want to try for both of theses. Crazy I know because the designers on both of these sites are incredible. I look around at my scrap room and the projects I have done or the ones done for me and think I am no were near as creative as most of the women out there. But then I sit and remember that my dream job would be working for any one of my favourite craft sites and this is my chance. Being a stay at home mom life can be somewhat uneventful. Now with the kids there is always something going on but myself, nothing. Crafting weather that is scrap booking, card making, altering or my stress relief, cross stitching is my joy. This is my chance to do something for me, something I love and can be proud of. I would love to be involved with a Design Team and will be working on my applications over the next couple of weeks. I will look at it like all things in life. It is a learning experience regardless of the out come. Hopefully they will give some feed back to applicants and I can improve on what I am doing for the next time I try. Not to try is failure, success only comes to those willing to try and grab it. So I guess that answers that question for me. This also means I will have to spend sometime and figure out how to place Tags/Badges from other sites on to my blog so that people can just click on them to get to those sites. Time to go shopping for some Imaginisce supplies and create some projects to submit and see what happens LOL :D

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