Friday, March 25, 2011


Alright now I have been trying out different Adhesives to see how well they work and keep my crafts together. I have found that Ad tech glue runner is OK for LOs that are not to heavy. Plus the refills are very cheap and are available at Walmart. Now I like to make boxes and different shaped containers and found that I need a stronger bond the most tape runners will provide. For the last little while I have been using Scor-tape. The smallest size I have found is 1" which is a little large sometimes. But it has an incredible strong bond. I am still looking for something to use on my letters I cut out on my Cricut. I don't like using glue sticks as I get all sticky but don't know what else to use. Any ideas would be welcome. The one product I want to try does not seem to be available in Canada but I finally found a site that offers cheap shipping into Canada. Not only is the shipping cheap they also have what I have been searching for for months. So now I wait for my Glue Arts Pro Glide to arrive! Once it does I will let you all know how well it works. I am very excited because I also ordered my first set of Spellbinders, Nestibles Labels #5 again on this site they are cheap it would cost me 3 times the amount if I were to buy them here. So go check out for great prices and cheap shipping into Canada!

I hope to post some new projects in the next 2 weeks. I have been very busy with a full dayhome so I no longer have time during the day to scrap and my nights are limited as well. Hopefully I can get my kids to cooperate and let me craft on the weekends!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Luck of the Irish

Imaginisce is having a giveaway today for a new Cricut Cartaridge on their blog. Check out the fun green cards they created for today.

So who wants to win a Glue Arts Pro Glider? I know I do. Check out their blog and facebook page to enter. Here is the link for their Blog, Have a lucky and happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!