Wednesday, February 29, 2012


As soon as the sun comes out and I can get pics for you I have a new post. Made a BUNCH of cards as well as my first exploding box will post that too with a link to one of my fav blogs for directions on how to make one. OK now to wait for sun, come on out, go away clouds I want to take some pictures!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Card Workshop

I am really enjoying getting together with other women and indulging in my love of card making. I remember when I started making cards I was worried they would look horrible. So many of the craft people I follow do amazing work and mine were just so simple LOL. Well I have come a long way in 2 1/2 years of card making, I still do the simple designs but I also love to add a bit more "stuff" to them now. Recently I went to a Stamp'in Up Card Stack workshop and we made all these cards. Several different birthday cards, Christmas, Wedding, and an asst. of others. The great thing about doing these workshops is you see others styles and get instruction on how to recreat them for yourself. I love all the layering and stamping I am doing and learning some different techniques to acheive other looks. The wedding card was a free hand cut, plus I added stickles to several of the cards to add more bling. Love me some bling. Now that I have some different templetes to use for card making, I have 45 different cards to complete this week so that I can get them mailed out for a swap. I REALLY need to start using all the cards I am making LOL. Have a great and wonderful day crafting and God Bless.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Great Giveaway!

Some time for a little different post. One of the Blogs I follow has relaunched and having a ton of give aways. You need to check out . I started following him when I saw he designs for PinkbyDesign Stamps. I think it is amazing to find a guy doing paper crafts and his designs are wonderful. Not only is he on the DT for Pink but he also is a rep for CTMH another favourite company of mine. Well on to what he has up for grabs, He is giving away a Cricut Image, Very neat little machine. You can print and cut your own colour die cuts with it or backgrounds or paper. I have seen some amazing cards and LOs made with it. Now that is the Grand Prize, he is also having a weekly give away and the one besides the Image I want the most Rock the Block set from CTMH. I went to place an order online on the 30th and it was no longer available :(. If you check out his blog and follow please let him know I sent you. Means some extra points for me, Thanks.
Should have a regular crafty post for you tomorrow!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Technique

 This is the promised new Technique I learned at my local LSS. Now I was unable to make the class but the ladies there were more then willing to hook me up with the supplies and explain to me how to do this technique. I love bling and sparkle so this caught my eye every time I went into the store. With these pictures I will show the simple technique of it, and explain what else you can try. Sorry don't have pictures of the other uses but at least I can share the different process with you. There are a lot of picture with this post. Here you can see different rolls of Scor-Tape. This is what I started with
This is a better shot of the different sizes ranging from 1/8 to 1" plus a sheet of Scor-tape. Now the sheet was not used in the card I will show you but I have used it on other cards. Using a Martha Stewart chain punch I punched out a strip to use on a card. Because Scor-tape is double sided this gave me a wonderful boarder strip that I could apply to CS and then left off the remaining backing to add fine glitter to.
 These are little cards with beautiful pictures on them and lovely Christian sayings on the back. This card is not covered with Scor-Tape while the remaining 2 have been. Sorry that the pictures don't seem in order but this is how I went about making the card. I tend to get everything ready before assembling them.
 Using 2 different sizes of Scor-tape and a rule I placed lines on the card. Here you can also see I removed one of the tape sides and applied fine glitter. Using fine paint brush I brush off all the glitter from the card to keep it nice and clean. I also plan on trying with with flocking and chunky glitter.
 Here I have removed all the tape and used 2 different colours of fine glitter. The glitter is quite expensive so I will be checking out my local Dollar store as I know they have fine glitter. In fact just before Christmas I cleaned out my scrap room and tossed a ton of glitter I bought there LOL. Little did I know I would need it. With this design I used a opaque glitter.
 This is a close up shot of the card with the Scor-tape on it with backing removed. Sorry about the shine but that is the flash reflecting off the tape.
 Then using a translucent opal colour glitter I covered the picture. Of course shaking off the excess.
 Here is the picture once covered, I love the fact my camera picked up the shimmer of the glitter. It is very pretty IRL.
Here is the finished card which I added the crocheted lace too and wrote the little saying that was on the back of the card. "Because my Saviour cares for me, I will care for others."

Other ideas, you can cut out a strip of Scor-tape and then punch out shapes in the the strip so that you can layer and use 2 or more different colours of glitter. I hope to have one of these to show you shortly. Also there is adhesive stamp glue that you could also use this way, instead of colouring with Copics or other mediums use glitter for colour. The ideas I am sure are endless. I am also going to try weaving the different size tape on a card to make the colours look like they are weaved together.
Thanks for looking and I love all the wonderful comments you leave. Have a most wonderful weekend and God Bless.