Monday, January 7, 2013

Ah 2013

Good morning my crafty friends, Thank you so much for sticking with me during the Holidays when things were just a wee bit crazier then normal and I did not get my post done.

With the New Year we all tend to make resolutions, I have chosen this year to set goals and check back on them every 3 months to see how I am doing. I figure that way I will stay more on top of things. My goals include both craft ones and personal ones.

1. Do at least one LO a week, I am in a challenge on so this is a must.
2. Use my CTMH stamps on more then just their projects.
3. Exercise daily, again this is a must, I am not happy with my body size and figure a lot of my issue I am having are weight related.
4. Spend more quality time with my family, put them FIRST.
5. Be more like Christ in my life, study his teachings and teach them to my children.

For me the last 2 are extremely important, with the horrible things ppl are doing to each other in this world, and the atrocities we are seeing committed to the innocence I feel the need to do more to strength my family and our belief in Christ. The world has change so much since I was a child and the biggest one that seems to hurt us as a society most is the fact we have taken God out of our schools. Our children are growing up with no moral ideas, no understand of right and wrong. Now as parents are we at fault too, of course we are. But at least when we missed teaching something to our children the schools were there to give our children those lessons. Alright I am now done with my non-scrappy chat.

I always make a wish list each year and review how I did on my previous year's one. I did really well in 2012 on my wish list as well as a couple of extras just like I do every year. Plus in a later post you will see I have a new tool review for you. So first I wanted to get the Raspberry Plate for my Grand Calibur which I did receive and works great. I had to order it from Spellbinders directly but that was ok. I love my Grand Calibur but it did gather some dust this year :D Next was Spellbinder dies, well I did get more of these including some of the cut and fold ones and their new embossing folders. Very excited and must make it a priority to use these at least once a month. On to the Martha Stewart Punches, I did pick up a couple and received a couple in different swaps. I continue to love these and use them randomly. I still have not picked up a digital camera, really haven't even researched them yet, but I did get a NEW COMPUTER!! And what a beaut it is, way more power then I need at this time but I should not need to upgrade for at least 5 years+ depending on what components I can switch out as needed. Also became a Close To My Heart Consultant so traded my personal Cricut for a E2, and so glad I did. I used it more since August then I did my personal Cricut which I had for 5 years. I also picked up a Big Shot. Now I bought that before the E2 so I could cut the thicker dies that are used for boxes which now that I have the E2 I don't need LOL. Not sure at this time if I will sell the Big Shot or keep it. Only time will tell.

So now I need a Wish list for 2013

1. Digital Camera
2. This will be here for sometime, a scrap room.
3. Small table and chairs, this is for my little girls to join me in my crafting
4. Design Team, I so want to be on one and play with new products and share my talents with others.

Small list for this year but I have been so blessed last year to get a lot of the things I want. This year will be more about personal and crafting growth then getting supplies. Also my LSS closed so a lot of what I get is from the States and that has slowed down now that I am a Consultant. I tend to spend my extra cash there or on Pal swaps. This year I need to use more of my stash then accumulate :D I am sure that is true for most of us but I am making it a goal for me.

Well thanks for reading this post and sticking it out this long. No pictures but the link was not letting me do what I wanted. I could not download pictures from my computer which is weird and I hope a glitch this morning. Hope to have my next post for you in 2 days with a LO including Pictures LOL.
God Bless you all and have a wonderful day.

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