Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Advent Calendar

Sorry I missed posting on Friday but I was trying to finish the new Advent Calendar I started before Christmas. All that remains for me to do is the boxes so I took pictures of it and are going to share them with you. Yes I know its January but I figured if I finished this project and shared it I was one step closer to being finished my Christmas crafts for 2013 :D
Here is my new Advent Calendar, this is made using Kaisers Crafts Advent Calendar kit. People are always asking me if I have a theme colour for my tree and the answer is no. My children decorate the Christmas Tree so its their creation. On the other hand I am working on a theme with all my other Christmas decorations. I LOVE snowflakes. Plus if you looked at my large picture Advent Calendar then you will notice I used Blue colours and Snowflakes on that one as well. First I painted all the pieces blue, I tried a sparkly blue but it was more a stain then a colour and I wanted colour. I then assembled all the parts and flipped it over to glue it all together. I used Arlene's tacky glue. Before I assembled the pieces I did adhere card stock to the back board. I used several different embellishments here and I will try to list them all. Of course there is Prima Say it with Crystals, snowflakes, Snowflake buttons by Reflections, Snowflake on silver ribbon trim from the Dollar Store, white flowers from , incredible ribbon roses wrapped with pearls trim from my wonderful pal Lorna Lee and I believe that Butterfly is Prima winter collection.
Here is a close up of the corner, the Mod Pod is still drying on the Crystals. There are a mixture of paper and fabric flowers here as well as the fact I added Icicle Stickles to the flowers to add glitter. The white Pointsettas are from Prima, up the inside you can see Snowflake stickers these are Jolene.
And a close up of the Bow that I made. Again the ribbon is blue with white sparkly snowflakes on it. There is so much you could do with these kits and a friend of mine makes them and sells them on etsay. She does amazing work and sent me this one for me to make. I love my colours I chose and the simple style I used to make it. Now all I need to do is finish the boxes, put it away until next year and start on the next project.

God Bless until next time :D

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