Friday, November 2, 2012

Lost Post

Seems that I lost my Halloween Post. Not completely surprised as I had an insane week trying to get everything done. Of course things have not slowed down completely yet. Well I was getting all my post done and scheduled too, I was also making cards and packaging them to sell at my first trade show. First I had to make 100 cards as bag stuffers for the first 100 people through the door, then I had to make some to sell(which I did not sell any of LOL). Next I had to make a Christmas Advent Calendar as a display, now originally I had a partner for the show but she got a new full time job and ended up sick so was not able to attend with me. It was her job to make the Advent Calendar, she dropped it off at my house the night before the show, UGH. Got it all done in the morning and then proceeded to pack up for the show. Also had to make a draw basket so people could enter to win the Advent Calendar. Once all packed up and everything was in the van I then needed to get ready :D

Well I get there, and start setting up when the lady running the show comes over and tells me I won a prize for best bag stuffer!? I didn't even know there was one LOL. Apparently it was decide that I won because I handmade a hundred cards. I explained to the woman that that is what my business is and I thought the idea was to showcase my business for the stuffers. She said it was amazing and I get first dibs on a table at the next trade show as well as a discount price. I thought that was pretty cool but at the time was not sure if I would do another one. It really depended on the response I got that night. Well let me tell you it was amazing. over 400 women were at the show and I got a ton of new contacts, which I need to start calling now that Halloween is done. The next show is in May in time for Mother's day so I am thinking of making a 100 little purses or a flower box. I have to check out my Cricut Cartridge and choose something amazing that will get people calling me. Plus need to make a bunch of altered journals to sell, was told by several ladies that they would by them if I had them. They saw mine there as I use it to take notes and things when it comes to my business of Close to My Heart.

Well I think I have bored you enough and it is time to start up with my more crafty posts again. Check out my next one as it will that gorgeous set I made for a pal. :D
Have a crafty day and God Bless.

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