Tuesday, December 27, 2011

2012 Wishlist and comments about 2011's list.

It is that time of year again. How many of you kept your New Years Revolutions? Well I can say that I tried LOL. 2011 saw a lot of changes for me and my family. The biggest one is a move. We moved into a larger place but I lost my craft room, now I have a nook for crafting in. The light sucks so working on lighting in there and its a third of the size of my old room. Now the move was for several reasons, we needed more room, we might be fostering my sisters 2 boys and our landlord was raising the rent but not making the repairs need to the place. My oldest applied to University and got excepted to start in the fall of 2012. She plans on living at home while attending which should save her some money and cut down on the need to have a full time job too. I now have a full day home so the extra room helps, larger back yard and hopefully by this spring the use of the garage.

Now on to my wish list from last year.....
Listed first was the i-Top by Imaginisce, have it love it and have several other new tools from Imaginisce as well. You can check out my archives to see my reviews of the different tools I purchased in 2011.
Second is the Crop-a-dile, it is on its way from http://www.ohmycrafts.com/ , had a gift card from there so used it to purchase the Crop-a-dile and a piercing mat for SewEasy piercing tool.
Third was more punches from Martha Stewart, picked up 2 new ones but would like more, I used my scrap money on other tools.
Fourth was the Cricut Expressions 2, I have chosen not to purchase this tool. I hardly use my Cricut cutter as it is so why spend the extra money on one that would just gather more dust?
Fifth digital camera, that is still un-bought at this time. I have looked at several but not sure what I want.
Last a computer, still don't have one but now I know what I want just need to save to purchase.
I did pretty good with my wish list of 2011 but it is time to make a new one for 2012.

1. Raspberry plate for my Grand Calibur, this is so I can use all my cuttlebug embossing folders.
2. More Spellbinder dies, love their dies, very detailed and make lovely cuts.
3. Martha Stewart punches
4. Digital Camera
5. New computer

Now there are several other little things that I want but not going to list them here. This is my wish list for the truly prized things I want this year. One other thing that is not listed would be to belong to a Design Team. I entered 2 different calls for 2012 but did not get selected. It is time to up my craftiness and be more creative. I have some great tools for me to use to make some incredible projects. Time to make/create something new every day.

Here are my other goals for 2012, Create something new ever week, blog every other day, include more pictures in my blog posts, apply for more Design Team calls for the 2013 year, organize my scrappy space so that all my new and must have tools are within hands reach. Plus increase my followers, not sure how to do this, will most likely talk to a couple of fellow bloggers to get ideas on it.

Lets see how well I do in this coming New Year.
Wish you all the best and a wonderful and Happy New Year!! :D

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