Monday, September 5, 2011

Teaching?? Maybe.

Well out and about today picking up craft supplies I went into Michael's to find out about teaching/taking classes. Talked to a great Associate there that provided me with some great info. First they have no teachers for Card making or Scrapbooking at my location, Second they are hiring instructors but right now for cake decoration, I am self taught LOL. And Third they/management wont even talk to me until I apply online. Alright, so I come home and load up their application and it is an hour long with the first part timed. Need to answer x number of questions in a set amount of time then on to 12 pages of questions that are repeated or worded differently each time you see them. OK so that is done now to wait a few weeks for them to get my application then to go in to the store and talk to the lady that is in charge of hiring instructors. Maybe I might make some money to support my habit LOL.

If this doesn't work out maybe I will try my LSS next. I know I can do this just need to be more confident in the work I do.

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