Friday, September 30, 2011

New Tool

As a crafter I am always in search of new tools or products that can make my life easier, I have several tools that I love and use all the time. I also belong to several sites that offer some great deals, one of these sites is . A couple of weeks ago they offered the Imaginisce i-Bond with all the glue sticks for $12USD, well with shipping and conversion it still only cost me about $18 which for Canada is a true steal. I was looking forward to this as I love using my normal glue guns but always looking for less cords because in my new space I am limited on plug ins and space. This tool takes 4 AA batteries, has a light on the front, comfort grip but is a little heavy due to the batteries. The first time I used it was to make a couple of wreaths for my outside door. I tried to upload pictures to show you but the camera that I took them on is experiencing errors when connected to the computer. The first wreath was from an idea I saw on , very cute but it doesn't hang well on my door and the crayons would endup getting knocked off. The second one is a Halloween wreath which I will take another picture of with a different camera and upload it. I really like my Halloween wreath. The nice thing is neither one cost much as I got all the supplies at the Dollar Gaint. I made both wreaths one after the other, testing the limits of the i-Bond. Here is what I found. The glue came out nice and steady, it was great having a light, over heated and shut off but I am guessing that if I had not made one wreath after another it would of been fine. Did not burn my self like I am prone to do using my other low temp glue gun. The handle were the batteries are got very hot again before it shut down. I would not recommend this glue gun for large projects but for cards, LOs and other small projects works perfectly. I would buy this again even knowing that it is not good for large projects. I don't do very many large projects and this was just a way to test its limits. Love the coloured and glitter glue sticks. Over all I would give it a 7 out of 10.

Now I just ordered yesterday from ScrapbookSteals an Imaginisce d-Stressing tool with 3 tips. Once that arrives I will play with it and let you all know what I think of it. Hopeing to be able to grab and i-Top and the new Imaginisce hand iron for there soon to. Have a great day all and enjoy your crafting time this week end.

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