Monday, April 18, 2011

Spellbinders and GlueArts

Not sure if I have stated before how expensive it can be to buy Scrapbook supplies and tools in Canada but it can be quite crazy. I have started to do a lot of buying and shopping online. A friend on sent me a link to Now has a huge range of products and some OK prices but the shipping into Canada is ridiculous and that is what makes or brakes me ordering from the states. Now shipping rates are very reasonable and every time I order from there I am happy with my choices. My latest purchase was  Glue Arts Pro Glide. It came with 2 additional cartridges for only 24.95 and my first set of Nestiblities by Spellbinders. The Pro Glide was a excellent purchase and works incredible well. I just need to get more cartridges LOL. Spellbinders here in Canada cost $45 and up, the set I purchase cost me $14. Cant wait to purchase more but thinking I am going to check out ebay now and see what else I can get and maybe cheaper. I made a gorgeous card for my grandma that I am so pleased with. I will post it and all my other cards I made for you later. Have a wonderful creative day my friends and enjoy this short week.

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