Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I am so excited. I saw this on Leslie Guerrero's Blog back in September and loved it. At the time she was having a challenge to create one and was giving a Rak away. I was too busy to participate then it but now have her permission to do a swap like it on Here is the link to my swap there if you would like to check it out and join us.

Here is the link to Leslie's Blog and be sure to check out her club kits she has for sale!

This shall be a busy month for me, scrappy wise and I am so excited to start creating again. Much rested and the creative juices are flowing, which is good because I have several things to finish by the end of this week. Now hostessing the Birthday Card Swap on, a Canadian only pal swap, and now this suitcase swap. I love hostessing it is lots of fun, some work but much more enjoyable then just sending things in. I have a lot in my stash now so there are a couple of swaps I have been in for a while that I am thinking of dropping. I really love the swaps were I fill an envelop and just mail to a pal because that way I don't have to worry about postage. Postage is an issue because it means having American cash on me at all times. Trying to get to the bank to exchange money is difficult some days. I run a day home 5 days a week and if I have kids all those days then I cant get out to the banks.

Had a great Christmas with family and friends. All the kids got spoiled which is nice to see and we did not go indebt for it. Was a warm Christmas and the snow started to melt away. Was a little sad as for Christmas Eve we go out and look at all the pretty Christmas Lights and found that half the places that normally decorate did not put up any lights. It was fun and wonderful anyways when you have a 2 year old along telling you to "Look Dad, Lights" every time we passed a house with Christmas Lights on. She loved it so it was worthwhile. Next year it will be 2 of them telling us to "Look".

Now just to get through January and then should have some free cash to again start buying some tools that I need for my scrap room. I have learned a lot this year and that I need more "things" to create with. I have a ton of embellishments but not enough tools to make pretty things. I need to get more MS punches, I like the boarder and corner sets. Would like to get more folders for my cuttle bug, these are great for card making and I am really enjoying doing that. They are a quick and easy thing to make. Need more lace, which surprises me but I have discovered I like how it looks and the dimensions of it on LOs and Cards. Going to look at upgrading my cricut to a expressions one and would like to get some Nessibles or Spellbinders and try them in the cuttle bug. Love Scor-tape and will have to get some more but would love to find an ATG gun. That sounds funny to all you Americans out there but I have not been able to find one around here in Alberta, Canada. Last but not least, start looking at my favourite company's and start getting prepared to apply in December of 2011 to their Design Teams for 2012. I am much more confident in my crafting and creating then I was a year ago and I want to share it with more ppl. Need to promote my Blog somehow to get more followers so that I can have a nice following when/if I get onto some of the Design Teams out there. This is one long post so will sign off for now. Have a Happy New Year all and stay safe.

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