Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ran out of time.

Wow this last month went by so fast. I had such plans to get so much crafting done and I sooo wanted to enter some designs onto a couple of sites for design team calls. A last that never happened. Very disappointed in myself. I had 6 large swaps to finish up by today, they are finally done and postal to various people but when it comes to crafting zip got done. Started a night job for the holidays and that has taken all my time. Have a couple of errands to run today while the little ones are sleeping and then hopefully I can have some crafting time to myself :) Home tonight but we are decorating the Christmas tree which we done every year on December 1st. Maybe after the decorating I will have some more crafty time. Saturdays look like they are becoming the one and only day that I might have any real time for me. I feel so over whelmed right now that I know I need to take some time and craft it always makes me feel better. Also on my list is finishing a Christmas stocking for Veronica then find a pattern I like for Cara. I have been very lazy with my cross stitch lately otherwise Veronica's stocking would be done. I will try to do some LOs for a couple of challenges that are out there, I just don't know how some of the crafty ladies I know get it all done. I guess after Christmas I will be able to get more done as I have a week off from watching kids, my day home shuts down between Christmas and New Years every year. I only take 2 weeks a year off and that is one of them. Have kids for a half day on Christmas eve so I have to get their little Christmas gifts done. Not sure what I am doing for them this year but I have some little Christmas stockings so might fill them with some age proper treats plus need to get the baking done so I can make up my goodies gifts for friends and neighbours. UG so much to do and so little time. I love Christmas but don't feel ready at all this year...just really stressed! Have a great day all and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Try enjoy this wonderful time of year! You are so thoughtful and I know your mind is going 100 miles a minute. But sometimes we must demand a moment to ourselves. Enjoy the tree decorating!!!