Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Frustration with a Capitol F

Hello my crafty friends, most who I know from sb.com. This last little while has been very busy and I am looking forward to school beginning tomorrow so my days can get back to normal. I plan on being up every morning by 5:30am to make a hot breakfast for my teenagers and hopefully to get in more blog/computer time before my day starts at 7:00am with the kids I babysit. I am hopeful that means more post on my family blog and this one. Sorry this post is not about crafty but about how to maybe fix that nasty issue of trying to post to 3rd party blogs and receiving an error.

Now on to my FRUSTRATION!  I love to read crafty blogs and I follow a good 3 dozen of them, which lately I have not had time to even read. I have about 3-5 that I read everyday not matter what and I love to leave comments. Plus several of my fav ones are companies who routinely have give-aways. While ago there was a update done on my computer and to several different programs. While this caused me some grief as I was unable to post anything, I kept getting an error message stating I did not have permission to view this blog, after I just read it, and to log off then back in. Now following the instructions I was very hopeful but it did not work. After going thorough this for several days I contacted the blogs and inquired about a fix and why I was not allowed to post anymore. It got so bad that I contemplated cancelling my blog acct. and following no one. Once I calmed down and had a few days to wait for a reply I did some more research and found I was not the only one having these issues so I try the solutions that were listed and still no go. Then I stopped to think, I have not been a computer tech in sometime so I don't always think like one anymore. I started to think about the updates and any programs I might of add that could be cause this problem. It had to be something I had done to my computer in the last 3 months. The first place I look and played with was my Virus scanner, they are notorious for being most peoples problems with computer either due to conflicts with other programs or blocking legit programs. Well I use AVG free 2011, great product was one we almost always recommended because it is easy to use and well there is a very good free version. Plus it doesn't use up alot of system resources like some others do. There is an option to temporally turn it off which I did and low and behold I could again post to 3rd party blogs! Now to figure out which part of AVG was the issue and see if I could permenitly turning it off with out putting my computer at risk for Virus and such. Went to their help section and was issued a pin and asked to call, so that is what I did. Once I got onto the phone it was a matter of 15 minutes later and all was fixed. AVG has a component called LinkScanner which deals with 3rd party blogs and websites that you would link with when posting. All I needed to do was to disable LinkScanner and I was again posting on my fav blogs!!  I also posted this "help" I received to the blogger help section since it was a wonderful help for me and it might help someone else as there seems to be quite a few of us with this issue. I hope this might help some of you and I promise tomorrow I will load up some pics of cards I have been working on and hopefully pics of my new scrappy space. It is half the size of my last room....I am now in a nook :(

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