Monday, January 17, 2011

Cross Stitch Stockings

Besides Scrap booking and paper crafts my first LOVE is Cross Stitch. Most of what I have made I have given away. I don't do alot of large projects anymore, I tend to do smaller ones that I can send to hostesses for gifts in the swaps I do or ones I can include on my LOs.
This stocking I made for my son when he was born, he is now 13. everything on here is cross stitch...the little white garland you see on the red bookcase is made up of tiny french knots. After this project was done I refused to do another french knot and now use seed beads instead. This tends to give my work a little more pizazz and dimension. This takes me about 3 months to finish if I work on it every day. I have several different patterns and if someone wanted one made for them it would cost about $400 which would include all supplies and shipping in Canada and the United States. I am currently working on one for one of my little girls and I have made my own design for my husband but his will be done later this year.
 This was the first stock I ever made in cross stitch. It has gold thread and red seed beads. I am in the process of finding a new pattern for myself to replace this one as I don't really care for it much any more. The town in the back ground is done in all half stitches and the colours are very much muted Victorian which is no longer my style.
 This stocking is the first one I made on linen. I at first was very worried about how it would look and if I would make a ton of mistakes LOL. By the time I had finished I love this fabric and choose to do as much of my cross stitch on linen as possible. I made this for my oldest daughter and was able to finish it in under 2 months but then I was home all day with her and had nothing else to do as she was a very good baby. It depicts a little girls room and above the window is a little nativity. The angel has wings which you cant see in this picture.
This is a close up of the pictures on the stocking. What is amazing here is that the stitch are half the size of normal stitches. This is called petite point. I will never ever do petite point is very time consuming and strenuous on the eyes. People who enjoy doing petite point have my complete awe from now on. I have no problem admiring their work and would willingly pay a lot of have some on my walls. They are incredible works of art done on such a small scale.

Once I have complete the other 3 stockings I have to do then I will post more pics of them. I will do custom orders and there are a ton of different designs out there if you search under "cross stitch Christmas stocking".
Thanks for looking and I read all comments.


  1. Beautiful cross stitch work!!!! I started a stocking for my now 17 yr old when he was 1. I never finished and just gave up. I lost interest. I guess I like instant gratification. lol

  2. drayia! I got the pack of flowers you sent! thank you sooooo much! it really helped me out alot!~!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Gorgeous cross-stitch...

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I bought the cupcake template from here, hope it helps you!